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As anyone who has ever tried will know, finding quality packing materials at reasonable prices is not always easy. Most stationary shops do not...

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Home Removals
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Cheap Removals are a professional, trustworthy and reliable removals company whose goal is to meet the requirements of our clients by giving them...


As removal companies go, this one has got to be up there as one of the best. That's based on the amazing job they did for me whilst helping me move house. I've used other companies for other moves in the past. Their services just don't compare.

  • Tom S.
  • 08Sep 2021

The house moving team I had the pleasure of moving with couldn't have done a better job for me. I felt guilty about the price I paid for the service. It was such a great service, and the price was so low!

  • Laura H.
  • 01Jul 2021

I was desperate to get the house moving sooner rather than later. Despite a few hiccups on the day, no fault of theirs, they were able to grant my wish.

  • F. Merchant
  • 07May 2021

All of the hard graft their man and van team put in paid off. I was able to begin settling into my new house ahead of schedule.

  • Lara H.
  • 28Feb 2021

What I couldn't do on my own, their man and van certainly could. I got some amazing help for a great price. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

  • C. Bailey
  • 10Jan 2021

My company transferred me last fall due to a merger. I needed to find a good removals firm in a hurry! This company met my needs. I was able to move in less than a day. Fantastic service with a smile!

  • Albert Q.
  • 21Aug 2019

More than happy with Moving Company. They do fabulous work. Best removals service in the entire area.

  • Colleen Graham
  • 05Aug 2019

If you need a removal service, give these guys the business and you won't be sorry. They do all of my removals and are super cost-effective.

  • Anya S.
  • 10Jun 2019

Moving Company has the best movers. They did all of the heavy lifting and got me moved in about two hours! They actually saved me money!

  • Laura Grierson
  • 13May 2019

Very pleased with the removals from Cheap Removals. Their team were efficient and got the job done no problem.

  • Evelyn Hope
  • 03Apr 2019

I searched around for removal van hire quotes but it was tough finding a quote that I was happy with. Thankfully a friend pointed me in the direction of Moving Company. They gave me a very reasonable quote and I was happy to proceed. When it came time for them to carry out the service, the job was completed to a very professional standard. They were hard working, polite and efficient. I definitely got value for money.

  • Haley W.
  • 05Mar 2019

London Movers have one very satisfied customer in me. What a brilliant removal company!

  • Jim S.
  • 31Jan 2019

After my experience with Cheap Movers I'll be recommending this removal company to anyone in need.

  • Sharon J.
  • 14Dec 2018

Thanks to Cheap Removals and their movers for making what should have been a stressful day rather pleasant and actually enjoyable.

  • A. Bischoff
  • 28Nov 2018

It was a stress-free and smooth home removals job. Thanks to Moving Company and everyone involved for all the effort.

  • Marge H.
  • 09Oct 2018

It was an excellent moving service! Cheap Removal Company impressed from the get go with their professionalism. They worked quickly and cheerfully too.

  • J. Broad
  • 10Sep 2018

The manager of my company hired them for office removals. After I saw them in action I decided to book with them for my home move. Both times they did an exceptional job. The service was reasonably-priced too.

  • Elton
  • 30Jul 2018

This moving company were a fantastic company to move with. I must admit that I didn't know what I was expecting when I first got in contact with Cheap Removals. I'm quite a pessimist, so I wasn't expecting anything great. But they completely blew me away with the standard of the service. It was exceptional from the get go. They were personable, hard-working, and made my moving day a lot easier to get through.

  • Steve M.
  • 04Jun 2018

Their movers were very nice people to deal with. Cheap Removal Company as a whole, were very professional and were a friendly team.

  • K. Kerber
  • 15May 2018

Unfortunately something got damaged during our removals but Cheap Removal Services were so good about sorting it out and incredibly apologetic. I can't fault them for how well they handled the situation and the way they compensated us for the trouble.

  • A. Davis
  • 25Apr 2018

I was dreading moving house, but it certainly helped having a company of the calibre of Cheap Removals on board. I entrusted them with plenty of vital tasks, and they came up trumps every time.

  • P. Jones
  • 20Mar 2018

Simple fast and helpful removals from a local team who actually seem to care. London Movers are just as good as the reviews say.

  • Valerie Hope
  • 26Feb 2018

London Movers were so good helping me move house, even though I was probably being a right pain and not very polite all the time. They acted with the utmost professionalism and never complained, and I just want to say thanks to the chaps that helped me out, and sorry for being a pain.

  • G. Fox
  • 18Jan 2018

I want to give a big thumbs up to this removal company. From the get go, Moving Company impressed. Their team did an amazing job. I look forward to acquiring their services again.

  • Dave R.
  • 08Dec 2017

Their movers were very understanding regarding my situation. I had some unruly kids to contend with, but they didn't bat an eyelid. They were helpful throughout and remained in good spirits. I don't know how I would've managed if it hadn't had been for CheapRemovals.

  • Jake A.
  • 06Nov 2017

I received great value for money when I hired Cheap Removal Company. Their movers did a great job, and the price was certainly worth it.

  • K. Hugh
  • 03Oct 2017

Superb house moving service from the team at Cheap Movers, came to them after a recommendation from a friend, and am so pleased they suggested them, genuinely the best service I've experienced in a long time.

  • Natalie Moyes
  • 18Sep 2017

My secretary recommended Moving Company for our office removal. She said that they had used the same company in the business she was working before, and they were on time and very efficient. After we used the services of these movers, they were for sure what she had said. Highly recommend!!

  • Daisy
  • 28Aug 2017

It has been weeks now after Cheap Movers helped me relocate. I have not been at peace for failing to review this company as my review would be of use to someone looking for removal services. This company is the best when you have a limited time to handle a move. I was expected to move in a short time as the buyers to my previous home had already made the payment and wanted to move in. After hiring the movers of this company, I shifted fast, and I did not have anything that was missing.

  • Jecinta Wales
  • 09Aug 2017

Just used London Movers to help with moving house! My partner and I are so happy with how smoothly it all went! We highly recommend them to anyone who is in the process of moving! It will be the best money you've ever spent!

  • F. Todd
  • 26Jul 2017

Removal services usually aren't cheap, but London Movers proved they don't have to break you either. Thank you for the great service and that low price!

  • L. Betts
  • 28Jun 2017

Cheap Removals offers cheap prices that are unbelievable! They offer a great removal service without the costly headache. Thank you very much for your work!

  • C. Bacon
  • 13Jun 2017

Cheap Removal Services and their team of movers were just a really nice and professional team. As a company, they know how to treat their customers, and they know what customers want in terms of pricing too.

  • Oliver Phillips
  • 31May 2017

Their movers arrived promptly, were polite, professional and efficient. I couldn't have asked for more from Cheap Removal Services, but the price I ended up paying for the whole moving job was just the icing on the cake and made it an all-round terrific service.

  • Kate K.
  • 12May 2017

The best removals company in town! I would use Cheap Movers again for sure!

  • T. Rodger
  • 25Apr 2017

Using Moving Company while moving my office saved me valuable time and money! They never disappointed me! Their office moving service was cost-effective and discreet!

  • K. Rutherford
  • 04Apr 2017

Sometimes it is just about finding the right removal company. I called Cheap Movers and they handled my move with ease. A job well done!

  • Helen W.
  • 15Mar 2017

London Movers made moving house a walk in the park. The team came to my home, helped me pack and label my boxes, and loaded the van in a jiffy. They were quick, efficient and courteous.

  • J. Steere
  • 13Feb 2017

Arrived on time, delivered the service with a minimum of fuss and charged me a low price! Thumbs up Cheap Movers!

  • Gary Davis
  • 24Jan 2017

I am over the moon with the student removal service delivered by Cheap Movers. I am pleased with the work of their team and the low price!

  • Y. Thompson
  • 13Dec 2016

Moving Company offered me a great deal on office removals and I am glad I accepted it!

  • Durwin
  • 21Nov 2016

Booked with Cheap Movers a few days ago. Their man with van team moved the contents of my house with ease. I am pleased with the results!

  • C. Beatty
  • 09Nov 2016

Furniture moving always strikes me as an annoying job and I never want to do it, but when I have to, I call Cheap Removal Services. They have already helped me with a ton of furniture and I basically refurnished my whole flat with their help. Their crews are excellent help and follow orders to the letter, definitely the type of assistance you want when you want everything moved in one piece!

  • Sarah I.
  • 28Oct 2016

I must say I am pleased with how the house removal went. It was a hectic time but London Movers's team handled it well and quickly. They showed amazing professionalism and a helpful attitude, and to be honest with the amount of stuff I had I admire their patience and hard work.

  • Michael Clark
  • 27Sep 2016

I was very satisfied with the service provided to me by Moving Company, and based on my experience with them I have no qualms about recommending them to others.

  • Gary Essex
  • 29Aug 2016

I wanted expert help with packing for my move so I called in Cheap Removal Company for some help. Their reputation preceded the call and I was confident I could get a top team who could do what I needed. They gave advice and brought materials and their team made sure everything I was transferring was safe. This service was very useful and I recommend it to anyone who is about to move home.

  • Paula Black
  • 18Jul 2016

I hired a man with a van for my move because I needed the vehicle and a little support, since I was moving on my own. Moving Company were affordable and reliable, with a service that provided everything I needed. I would hire them again!

  • Steve H.
  • 21Jun 2016

Opted for Cheap Removal Services for my man and van hire as I'd read a lot of positive reviews about them. What you see is definitely what you get as they have been exceptional from start to finish - couldn't have asked for anything more!

  • Rory McDonald
  • 19May 2016

I wanted help with moving my flat contents to another area and hired the man and van service of London Movers. The driver was so helpful and loaded the vehicle and secured it before taking everything to my new home 40 miles away and unloading it into my place there. The vans were modern and equipped with special straps to secure the load safely for the journey. The costs were amazing and the work done to a high standard! I can't believe how hardworking the chap was, and how competent too. I would certainly suggest that you use this company if you need to move!

  • Lee Riley
  • 21Apr 2016

With the helping hands of the movers from Cheap Movers my house move went incredibly well. I don't know what I would have done without their help, as I had too much furniture to move on my own! I'm really grateful for the hard work and effort put in by the whole team. A fantastic service that won't break the bank!

  • Andrew
  • 21Aug 2015

Helping my dad move from his house was proving difficult. He had a lot more stuff than I thought and we wouldn't be able to carry everything without tiring ourselves out. I felt we could get everything moved in a couple of trips in my car buy, yeah, that wasn't going to work. Cheap Removal Company seemed like the obvious solution and they proved to be just that. They helped us get everything safely to the new address and we didn't have to exert ourselves to do it. Call them if you want an easy move.

  • Janine Olsen
  • 27May 2015

If you are like me, you will want things handled your way and only your way. I'm the exact way when it comes to removals and was surprised to find out how many removal companies weren't willing to bend to my needs. CheapRemovals proved to be something different, they listened when I needed them to. Any customisations or requirements that I requested they seemed more than happy to accommodate. If you want your move done your way, these are the guys you should be talking to.

  • Mark S.
  • 16Feb 2015

I use CheapRemovals on a regular basis now for my business. I own a furniture shop down town and I often get delivery requests. I just call up CheapRemovals and they do it for me. Of all the years I have been using this company, I have never received any complaints about the delivery. Everything gets its way to its destination in perfect condition, no problems at all. So I certainly recommend this company. They are one of the best around for sure.

  • Tim
  • 17Dec 2014

My husband and I were looking for a company to store some of our items whilst we were moving abroad for six months. Everywhere we looked we were confronted with the option of storage or removals. When we finally contacted CheapRemovals we were delighted to find out that they combined moving and storage in their package, so we hired them straight away. They arrived fully prepared on the set date and took care of all our removals and storage!

  • Sally Merton
  • 24Nov 2014

I needed a reliable moving company to move us from one part of the country to another. I was given the details of CheapRemovals who had good reviews. They were really helpful with my move and gave me a price that I was pleased with. I chose to have the packing services as I didn't have the time and they were able to supply the best supplies to do the job. Leaving a job to the professionals really takes the hard work out of moving, thank you so much.

  • Heather T.
  • 12Nov 2014

I had a great experience with the unpacking professionals from CheapRemovals. I hired this removals company to give me a little bit of help when it came to unpacking my home and I definitely got what it was I'd been looking for! The service is truly unparalleled thanks to the experience of everyone who works at the company, and it was with no effort at all that my house got unpacked. This is also a great service if you're on a budget or trying not to spend too much because it was very affordable for the level of professionalism! - Brad.196) Unpacking is a job that I really hate, and I knew that it wasn't something that I was willing to tackle after I moved to my new home a few weeks ago. I spent a while just living straight from the boxes and avoiding having company over because I just didn't have the energy to unpack everything. I hired CheapRemovals to give me a hand and they did an excellent job that was completely flawless. I have a lovely home now and it's easy to locate all of my belongings thanks to their sensible unpacking system! Thanks!

  • Lisa A.
  • 22Oct 2014

I chose CheapRemovals to assist me with my house move based on their online reviews. I did a lot of research into removal companies that could provide me with a professional man and a van. I needed a company with experience, and staff who could handle all of my big pieces of furniture! This company gave me everything that I needed for my moving day and my mover was really chatty and helpful. I'd recommend this company to anyone who's looking to avoid stress when they move - my move was really easy! Fantastic service and affordable as well!

  • Alex G.
  • 07Oct 2014

I find that the best way to get a move done well is to ensure that you are not at risk of things getting messed up by amateurs! We used CheapRemovals for our last couple of removals, as we were staying in the area, and they were excellent on both counts. The fact of the matter is that this kind of service is not common, so I would suggest that you give them a call if you are looking for a similarly good service on your own move!

  • Gregory Alexander
  • 10Sep 2014

Having used various removals companies in the past, I was very impressed by CheapRemovals and their ability to get the job done with such ease! I could not be more happy with how our recent move with them went, it was all so easy and there really was nothing to worry about over all. I found the team to be very pleasant, and the resulting removal was just perfect for me. A decent price and nothing damaged, no one stress, and nothing to complain of. Perfect!

  • Angela Russell
  • 27Aug 2014

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