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Our Small Moves Service Awaits You

Small RemovalsSmall moves are easier and cheaper with us which explains why so many people, who require only a small commercial vehicle to transport their items, decide to choose our company to take on their small move. Cheap Removals offer fast, efficient and reliable removal services which are all handles carefully by our team of professionals. We offer a wide variety of services for people who are relocating or who are looking for storage facilities and our small moves is just another of our high quality, affordable services. Compared to finding a company to deal with a very large move, reputable and reliable services for small moves are very limited, unless of course you want to pay for space that you are not using. With our specialised custom made packages, we can give you an inexpensive and professional small move.

What is a small move?
Our small moves service is a service which we offer to our clients who only have a small load of items to relocate. Many companies will offer similar options but as they do not specialise in moving smaller amounts, they often charge you for space on their removals truck that you don’t need. We have a large range of moving vehicles to cater for our different sized relocations. This means that with us, you will not be paying for empty space on a big lorry or for letting other clients use the space you don’t need. Instead, you will be issues with your own vehicle to suit the size of your items and will only have to pay for the space you use. If you’re not sure whether or not your items fall in to the category of being small or not, then we can come and measure them and weight them to inform you whether or not they are classed as a small load of items.

How small is too small?
Although we have a limit on the maximum size and weight of any amount of items before they are no longer considered as small, there is however no move that is too small for us. So many people feel somewhat embarrassed about calling in the help of a professional moving team to relocate their small amount of items, but there is nothing to be worried about because we will transport even the very smallest amount of goods for any client who needs our assistance.

Where do we travel to?
Our company will move your belongings to any location within London, the UK or to various European countries. We have a team of drivers who specialise in their own particular area. Some of them are experts at driving within any part of London; others are used to covering the UK and w also have drivers who are experienced with driving overseas in Europe. The areas and countries where we will travel to, do not change even if you have hired our small move services, as all the benefits of using our company still apply.

Small Moving ServicesAdvantages of keeping things small
Small relocations are always cheaper with us, because we don’t think that it’s fair for our clients to pay for extra space that they have neither asked for nor need. With these reasons in mind, our team decided to launch a specialised service which is only suitable to those with fewer belongings to move. To ensure that you have got the most from your relocation at the lowest possible price, we take the time to come and talk to you about relocating. You may also want to take advantage of our very competitive rates on supplying packing materials and completing a full pack up job of your goods.

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