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Moving SuppliesAs anyone who has ever tried will know, finding quality packing materials at reasonable prices is not always easy. Most stationary shops do not stock the amount that you require and are also quite expensive. But as most people don’t relocate and require packing supplies, such as boxes, thick tape, wrapping paper, labels etc. very often, you may not really have much of an idea on where to get hold of good quality boxes and supplies to pack up items. So if you find yourself in this situation, contact Cheap Removals to order as many boxes and other packing supplies as you need. Our products are of the highest quality and are all sold at low prices, because packing supplies shouldn’t cost you a fortune and with us they won’t!

We recommend that you use quality packing materials when you come to packing and boxing up your belongings before you relocate. Boxes and packing supplies which are used and favoured by removal companies and other large concerns are the perfect choice for the job, because they are strong and sturdy. We can provide you with excellent packing materials made for commercial use, which will help to keep your items safe and secure.

What kind of packing supplies do we offer?
Compared to the basic, standard sized boxes that are available to you in the local stores and supermarkets, our company can supply you with specialised packing materials and wraps for your items. We stock a range of different boxes, envelopes, tape and wrapping to pack all different kinds of items and we even have specific boxes and envelopes for your fragile belongings too. There are specially designed padded boxes for: laptops, computer parts, heavy duty items, mp3s, art work, and other electrical products and fragile possessions. On top of this, you can purchase endless amount of strong packing supplies here with us, such as:

• Tape
• Boxes
• Wrapping
• Bubble wrap
• Labels
• Envelopes
• Cellophane
• Padded boxes and envelopes
• And more

To make the most out of your packing and to ensure that everything arrives in its new destination in one piece, we recommend following our helpful tips to do a great packing job:
1. Organise your belongings
Organise your belongings and even clear out any of your things that you no longer want, need or use. This will save you wasting money on packing up items that you don’t want any more and having to pay to get them transported, plus it will save you time on your packing.
2. Make a list
Make a list of the types of items that you have and categorise them in some way so that you can pack all of the items, which need to be put together, in the boxes that are marked ‘kitchen’ or ‘office’ because it will save you time when unpacking and ordering when you arrive at your new home or office space.
3. The way to pack
Moving boxesTo ensure that every item is packed sufficiently and safely so as not to get broken, you must think carefully about where and how to pack each of your belongings. If you have items that are potentially breakable, then take the time to wrap them with some kind of paper or bubble wrap or both, before packing them in their boxes. Heavy items should be packed in to a box that is made for heavy duty goods or if not, has been reinforced somehow. When packing heavy items in to a box, make sure that the weight of the box doesn’t exceed 20kg, because remember that a) somebody has to be able to lift the box, and b) you could risk the box breaking and damaging your goods.

For packing advice or to order your quality supplies, call Cheap Removals on 020 8746 4359.

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