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Why Hiring a Van will Benefit your House Removal

Why Hiring a Van will Benefit your House Removal

24Oct 2014

There are some things in life that you just don’t have to do all alone. Moving house is certainly one of these. Rather than feeling under pressure to do everything yourself, from the packing, the lifting, the shifting and the loading, look into the help of hiring a removal company to assist you.

Consider the following pros and cons:

-    Time VS money
While it may feel like you are spending a fortune on a moving company service, when compared with the time of manual labour spent lifting and shifting boxes yourself, it is a worthy investment. Incorrect lifting of boxes can lead to strains and tears in the shoulders, back and knees. This can lead to ongoing issues further down the track and may require physiotherapy or doctor treatment, which will cost money. Weigh up the long term benefits of hiring a removal service.

-    Reliability VS being let down
You family and friends may be well meaning and offer assistance during your time of moving house. But there is always a chance that unexpected circumstances arise and they become unavailable for whatever reason. Now you’re left in the lurch with all these boxes to move yourself. However, hiring a removal company or a man with a van service will mean that the paid worker will absolutely be there and be ready to do a professional and efficient job to benefit the company reputation.

-    Professional packing VS do it yourself
You may feel confident to pack your possessions yourself and feel like you have enough strategies in place to prevent breaks and damages to items during transit. However, without the correct packing materials and the right technique, just a slight wrong turn on the road can result in a box falling and a fragile item breaking. Man with a van services and removal companies come equipped with all the correct packing materials and are trained in wrapping items to be well protected and secure during the transit period.

Things to consider when hiring a professional moving service or man with a van are the following:
-    Check to see if there is an enquiry form or telephone number to call if you have any questions
-    Ensure that the company is available at your required time for the move
-    Check multiple websites during early research to compare prices and get the best value for money
-    If you get an online quote, make sure you save this documentation in case the company attempts to change the price
-    Always read the fine print and terms and conditions of hiring a van from a removal company
-    Staff are well dressed and look professional
-    Staff appear trained and display expertise in their field
-    Staff are approachable and friendly and willing to answer questions
-    Prices for hire are not transparent and staff are happy to discuss these with you
-    The company is able to provide packing material

Once you find a removal company or man with a van service that suits your needs and circumstances and meets all the above criteria, you will likely end up feeling extremely grateful for the decision to get hired help. Rather than breaking your back and reflecting on moving house as a stressful and uncomfortable process, look into the options of moving companies and feel confident and content that professionals are able to get your possessions to your new house safely and securely.

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