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Tips For Packing For Light Student Removals

Tips For Packing For Light Student Removals

21Nov 2014

Moving to a different place for study is one of these moves that you already know or suggest how longer they would last in the future. A move with colleagues in a share room, a flat or apartment - there are plenty of opts and accommodations, each with its own requirements and unique features to choose which removals to get with yourself. The light student removals are perhaps the most difficult ones, because they are numerous and small, and they require a multitude of small boxes or transparent wrapping materials. That`s just a hint of what`s to come and next are few other tips to have in mind.

Tip 1: Create a list with to do steps! Begin at least a week or so before the move. Note that this list is a bit different from the moving checklist. The To-Do list should include the most important steps of the moving house process, from the sorting and arrangement of the most important student items, to the packing of the boxes and the loading procedures in the moving van. A to do list with deadlines will help you to organize your move in the best way, but don`t forget that there is always a chance to forget something. Because of that, another great idea is to review the list day after day until the very day of the relocation, as well as add all the other yet small things that you remember. Don`t leave everything for the last moment when the movers arrive in your home.

Tip 2: Use as many bags and suitcases as you have, instead of big heavy cardboxes! The light student removals include notebooks, pencils and other types of light items that can easily pile in a more compact way. Use the suitcase as a moving box and fill it with all the possible stuffs. Then, label it with a small note according to the note in the moving checklist.

Tip 3: Prepare several smaller boxes for the books, instead of one big box for all the books. Only a blink of an eye is enough to think of a book as a small light item with just some hundred tiny transparent light pages and strong covers that act as a solid protection during the move, but that`s quite different than it looks like. When piling dozens of books on one single bookshelf, the common weight of the books can exceed the weight of the oven or the wardrobe, for example! It`s just the same thing with the common weight of the books when stacked in one single box. That`s why it`s recommended to put only a few books in smaller boxes and never to underestimate their volume and weight.

Tip 4: Take some measures to protect your belongings during the long move! Yes, the light items when moving for study are easy to handle even for one person, but an extra protection is always a plus. Plastic materials can strengthen the edges of the boxes, especially when there is a change of rolling or turning inside the moving van. Use transparent wrapping materials for objects that require an easy visual orientation, while if you move your favorite paintings or windows - use edge protectors for the delicate edges. Nylon bags are useful when moving liquids, while old newspapers and magazines can easily change into the perfect wrapping materials for the fragile items.

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