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5 Items NOT to Take with You when Moving

5 Items NOT to Take with You when Moving

15Oct 2015

When moving house, you usually start a moving checklist where you put down all the things that you plan on taking with you. But have you ever wondered about what you shouldn’t take with you? You house is full of items and you definitely don’t need every single one of them. Have you ever wondered which items you need the least? Should you even bother thinking about certain items while you are planning your relocation? There is so much you can leave behind and immensely lighten your load. What falls in this category? Let’s browse through some items and you can judge for yourself whether you need any of these items.

1. The Bed2-bed_600x400
Should you really take your bed along with you? It is one of the items that you can take as a given, that are always present in any house, habituated or not. Unless you have a special mattress which you spent real money on and medically need it, you should sacrifice the bed to have a much easier trip. Think about how much work it takes – taking it apart, loading it into the removal van, and maybe even taking more than one trip because of the volume of the bed and how much items you will have to move later. You can always buy another bed; don’t get too attached to it.

2. Reusable / Recyclable Items3-old tools_600x420
Moving house gives you the excellent opportunity to de-clutter your belongings. Now you can leave any item you want behind and don’t feel guilty about it. You might have had a few DIY projects that were on the way, but with the move you can both get rid of the items you were thinking of using, and freeing up time to do other things – or rest, of course, you don’t always have to do something. Old crates, bottle caps, plastic bottles, old tools – leave them all in the basement or attic and let 4-old clothes_600x416the new tenants or owners deal with them, maybe they will have some ideas to implement. You are already too busy with the relocation, you don’t have to think about extra items that you don’t use even currently.

3. Old clothes
Do you really need your old, out-of-fashion clothes and the ones that don’t fit you anymore? Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to reorganise your wardrobe, and getting rid of the old clothes that you no longer wear or need should be step one. And you don’t necessarily have to throw the old clothes out or leave them to rot in the old wardrobe until the next tenants deal with them. You can sell them to second hand stores, give them up for charity, give them away to the homeless – your options are many. Just don’t stick them back in your wardrobe and then think 5-mailbox_600x400why do you have so many clothes, nothing to wear, and no wardrobe space.

4. The Mailbox
Come on. That is just petty.

5. Kitchen Counters
If you had them in your home till now, 6-countertop_600x384you should know that they can be substituted with a nice table. Don’t make the move harder than it should be with a load of heavy counters. You can get new once you get to the new place, and you can leave your own here to artificially increase the price of your house to make sure everything else goes as smoothly as possible.

Avoid taking as many of those things as you can – they will possibly not come in handy, and you don’t need something to make the relocation more difficult. And the movers will be thankful, too.

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