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Boxes and Supplies

Boxes and Supplies
As anyone who has ever tried will know, finding quality packing materials at reasonable prices is not always easy. Most stationary shops do not...

EU Moves

EU Moves
Will you soon be heading off to start a new life overseas? Moving abroad is a very exciting new experience but it doesn’t come without its...

Home Removals

Home Removals
We all love a bargain or way of saving a bit if money, don’t we?! Earning our cash isn’t always easy and requires a lot of hard work and...

London Removals

London Removals
Cheap Removals are a professional, trustworthy and reliable removals company whose goal is to meet the requirements of our clients by giving them...

The Only Place Where You Will Find Professional and Cheap Removals

Storage and BoxesCheap Removals have been moving our clients to all destinations near and far for generations and have earned an excellent reputation as a trusted and reliable removals company during this time. It is all too easy to find the wrong company to handle your relocation and as a result, you may experience a bad move and many problems along the way. To avoid making this mistake that so many other people make each year, choose our company to take care of your relocation for you. We specialise in relocations and offer numerous different types of moves to our clients, depending on their situation, lifestyle and where they are moving to. But it's not just strictly removals that we deal in, we also offer help with supplying packing materials, a packing service and also self-storage units, all to benefit and make life easier for our customers.

One of the reasons behind our high quality services and professionalism is down to our team of staff who work with us. Every member of our team are efficient, skilled and qualified in the area in which they specialise in. We offer removal, packing and storage services with a difference, as we also give our clients step-by-step help and assistance with any guidance that they may need. Most people don't relocate more than just a few times in their lifetime, which becomes evident when they do decide to take the plunge and move. Our company know that moving is not the easiest thing to manage, especially when you have other things going on in your life as well, so we like to be on hand to offer any guidance and additional support to our customers as much as we can.

Cheap Removal ServicesMost people could manage to conduct an almost satisfactory removal themselves and this is why we are not trying to tell you that you can't. However, we know that by doing everything alone and hiring a backstreet, unprofessional company to move you and your belongings, you will cause yourself and others around you so much more unnecessary hassle and problems. The aim of our company is present each and every one of our clients with a high quality, professional and complete removal that will not only save them time, money and hassle, but they may actually enjoy! It is important that you choose a removals company who don't cost you extra money, waste your time or cause you unneeded hassle due to their incompetence and in addition to top it all, may add on various hidden costs. Taking all of this in to account, we can firmly say with confidence that such problems will not occur with us. Our company prides itself on being professional and loyal to our staff and customers. The price you are quoted for your removal, packing or storage services is the price you pay and there will be no hidden costs along the way – that is a guarantee!

Cheap Home Removals

There is no denying that moving doesn't come cheap, even if you have picked a reliable and honest firm to use. The sheer cost of everything involved can become quite costly, which is why we offer cheap home removals to our customers of all backgrounds, in all areas and of all ages. The way we do this is by assessing your situation and taking in to account the things that you require from our services and then try to cut the cost down wherever we can, making it a lower priced, cheaper move for you.

Small Moves Service

Cheap UK MovesIt is true that not everybody has lorry loads of belongings to move; sometimes some people don't have much to move at all and simply need a slightly larger mode of transport than their own domestic vehicle. So many people are put off contacting a professional removals company to help them move their smaller load of items, but you really shouldn't, because we will transport any load of items of any size. There is no need to worry if you need your possessions to be transported far or locally, as our team are always happy to help you with your move.

Man with Van

You may have considered hiring a van out in the past, but may have had to be responsible for driving it or finding a driver yourself, which is where things turn sour. However, our company provide customers with modern, safe vans which include an experienced and skilled driver to drive the van for you. As long as your reason for hiring out our vans and driver is legal and safe, you can book to use our man and van services at any time you want. Van rental services are an excellent way of saving time and money on courier services, deliveries and larger vehicle hire, which you probably don't need and with having your own driver, you have the control and flexibility to go wherever you want.

Cheap London Removals

London and cheap are usually two words that are rarely seen in the same sentence together – until now! Just like with our cheap home removals, we will try to cut costs down and lower the overall price of your London based removal. There are many ways in which you are able to save money and still maintain that all of your relocation requirements are met.

Cheap EU moves

Moving further afield? Don't worry about the expense of it all, but instead enjoy the journey and experience which takes you to your new home overseas. Thanks to our clever method of cutting costs, your EU move doesn't have to cost you a fortune and with us it won't.

Student Moves

Cheap MovesStudents relocate more time than most people and are often a removal company's best clients, yet they can sometimes receive bad treatment and get charged terrifically high prices too! Our team appreciates that in order for our students to do us proud and become professional people after they graduate, we must support them during their financially difficult student years. Our student moves are designed to make relocating easier and more efficient for our students at a student-friendly price.

Boxes and Supplies

When finding sufficient boxes, wrapping paper, labels, tape and other packing materials becomes too difficult, or if you decide that you are unable or don't have time to pack up your items alone, then we are the team to turn to!


Our self-storage units are the perfect solution for anyone in need of additional storage space. Our container require no care, upkeep or checks up, as they are self-maintained and have 24/7 surveillance cameras to keep a watch over the site.

Cheap Removals is the only company that you'll need for managing your packing, removals or self-storage, so call us today on 020 8746 4359 for a free quote or additional information.

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As removal companies go, this one has got to be up there as one of the best. That's based on the amazing job they did for me whilst helping me move house. I've used other companies for other moves in the past. Their services just don't compare.     
Tom S.
The house moving team I had the pleasure of moving with couldn't have done a better job for me. I felt guilty about the price I paid for the service. It was such a great service, and the price was so low!     
Laura H.
I was desperate to get the house moving sooner rather than later. Despite a few hiccups on the day, no fault of theirs, they were able to grant my wish.     
F. Merchant
All of the hard graft their man and van team put in paid off. I was able to begin settling into my new house ahead of schedule.     
Lara H.
What I couldn't do on my own, their man and van certainly could. I got some amazing help for a great price. I couldn't have asked for anything more.     
C. Bailey
My company transferred me last fall due to a merger. I needed to find a good removals firm in a hurry! This company met my needs. I was able to move in less than a day. Fantastic service with a smile!    
Albert Q.
More than happy with Moving Company. They do fabulous work. Best removals service in the entire area.    
Colleen Graham
If you need a removal service, give these guys the business and you won't be sorry. They do all of my removals and are super cost-effective.    
Anya S.
Moving Company has the best movers. They did all of the heavy lifting and got me moved in about two hours! They actually saved me money!    
Laura Grierson
Very pleased with the removals from Cheap Removals. Their team were efficient and got the job done no problem.    
Evelyn Hope
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